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It's up to you to define your experiences…

Paired with our uniquely engaging Block Plan structure, our curriculum creates a rich foundation for unearthing passions and discovering the world. You'll dig in, you'll learn how to learn. With our rigorous but broad requirements, you'll have both ample independence and guidance during your four years here. It excites us that there's no one path to follow and it's safe to say that no semester at Colorado College will bore you.


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The Block Plan channels a dynamic campus-wide rhythm where each three-and-a-half-week block will keep you on your toes. Colorado College is unlike anything you've experienced before, but don't worry, we'll help you get the hang of things.

  • You'll begin your academic endeavor with something we call First-Year Program (FYP), a cornerstone of our curriculum. Your first two blocks will be distinctive and intimate, as you delve in with 15 other first-year students, enjoying and adjusting to in-depth critical thinking, analytic discussion, and intensive writing.
  • You might find an unexpected interest while fulfilling an all-college requirement, designed to guide your academic choices and push you to immerse yourself across multiple disciplines.
  • When in doubt, discuss your hopes for the future with your academic advisor and FYP mentor.

An example of a First-Year Block Plan schedule from the 20-21 academic year:

1-2: First Year Program, CC104 - Critical Inquiry Seminar: The Roads that Lead to Rome: Critical Studies in Greek and Roman Culture
3: Art 103 - Art Studio Foundations: Drawing
4: Math 117 - Probability & Statistics
J-Block: Theatre 200- Topics in Theatre: The Nakedness of Being
Half Block:
Economics 111 - Personal Financial Planning
5: Biology 105 - Biology of Plants
6: Southwest Studies 272 - Cultural Landscapes of the Southwest
7: Computer Science 115 - Computational Thinking
8: Comparative Literature 300 - Topics in Comparative Literature: David Foster Wallace

Your schedule could look something like this or completely different! Be sure to explore all your options.

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